As I mentioned before, I'm the proud Mom of a beautiful teenage daughter.  Like you, I'm concerned about her going back to school with all that's going on right now in our history.  But, I know that what I learned back in nursing school is still true today.  Supporting our immune system with rest, proper nutrition and supplementation, as needed, can really give our children's bodies a leg up in the prevention of disease and aid them in achieving success in their studies. 

Additionally, because these are such stressful times for the, it's more important than ever to support them emotionally, help them to stay focused on the work in front of them and to succeed academically, despite whatever distractions and stressors pervade their environment.  

But beyond what will happen in the next few weeks as they go back into the classroom, we need to provide them with the skills to stay healthy for a lifetime, by modeling good behaviors and self-care ourselves! 

Let's hear from two incredible classroom teachers and Wellness Advocates on how doTERRA essential oils help them, their children and students to stay healthy and focused.


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