I wake up early, usually at 5:30 a.m. and start my day with Lemon Water (1-2 drops is all you need.)   Slim & Sassy can be used in place of lemon to assist with my weight management goals.  This mix of five oils energizes me and boosts my mood....and keeps me from reaching for that danish sitting on the counter that is going to give me brain fog.  I try to do this a couple of times throughout the day, because staying hydrating is everything!

After allowing my intuition to lead me to the oils I need in my diffuser, I like to sit quietly (usually at my desk) and meditate.  This is a great time to set an intention for my day.  I use my PASSION PLANNER calendar to stay on track with my goals, lists and practice gratitude.  I avoid watching the news in the morning, because it has a tendency to make me less focused and productive.  I leave that for later in the day and, if's it's a total bummer, I make sure to follow it up with Cheer, or Motivate, so I can stay on track.

As I get going with my day and move around the house, I fill up my many diffusers with water and the oils my family may need that day. If no one is actively sick with a cold/flu, I will often use On Guard, Copaiba, Frankincense and Wild Orange.  This is a great way to support their immune systems, help them wake up, yet stay grounded.  I keep checking in with myself too.  So often, women just allow themselves to go into a kind of foggy autopilot, ignoring that they are thirsty, hungry, that they have a headache, a back ache, whatever.  I make sure I have my hydro flask with me, filled with my lemon oil. Also, I have a diffuser in my car and make sure I have my doTERRA keychain with my favorite 8 sample oils, ready to grab as issues come up.  If I'm stumped by a symptoms, I grab my phone and look the symptom up on my Droplii 2.0 app. This way I'm always ready.

As I've aged, I've begun to model myself after my Grandfather.  He was a life long learner and stayed physically active and mentally sharp until the time of his death at 87.  So, I may listen to a podcast, a TED talk, a book on tape, or some continuing DoTERRA education, especially when driving my daughter to and from school.  It's not super far away, but we sometimes hit traffic, which is such a time waster. When I'm learning, it keeps any frustration over traffic at bay.  

Women, often, have to be "Queens of Multi-tasking".  Instead of hating this, I try to sneak in self-care.  For instance, while I'm paying bills, I may apply a face mask and, afterwards, use my DoTERRA skin care products, like Yarrow/Pom oil, or Immortelle.  When I practice self-care in one area, it makes it easier to stay focused on other areas, like staying hydrated and avoiding those danishes in the kitchen that keep calling my name.

Usually by the time the rest of the family gets up, I feel super grounded and focused.  I have a lot of animals (5 dogs and 4 cats) and they require a lot of time and attention.  If I get busy with must do's, they let me know it, just like children do.  They get grumpy, they bicker with one another, try to steal each others foods/toys, etc....  I try at such times, to redirect their energy into more positive activities and reward good behaviors with treats.  I may add a drop of lavender oil to their heads.  It's amazing how quickly all things calm down.  

Music has always been so important to me.  My teenage daughter just asked me the other day, if I had ever listened to a song, or album so many times, that I got sick of it, only to discover it later and fall in love with it all over again.  I was like, "Ya huh!  Sooooo many times!"  Those of you with teens know, they listen to music a lot!  It helps them to cope with all those emotions that bubble up in their daily lives.  Why is it as we get older, we stop doing that, as if we are emotionless and dull?  Nope, not for me!  I like to listen to music everyday.  I'm not too old to sing in the car and embarrass myself at stoplights, swaying in my seat.  It is my therapy!  Starting my day with upbeat music, dancing around the house a little is a total upper.  It's a great way to balance out all the sitting and centering too.  

That's how I go about my day, with the goal of staying balanced, emotionally and physically.  I try to not get pulled in too many directions throughout the day, to know my limits and keep my boundaries up when I'm around people who are demanding or unreasonable.  (It has taken me many years to learn how to say no, to learn that I'm not 21 anymore and I need to take time to rest and relax, when my body is sending me the warning bell.)  So frequent recharging, just like we do with our cell phones, is very important.  When the day comes to an end, regardless of what kind of day it was, I use my oils to get ready for bed.  I might take a salt bath with oils added to download stress and get ready for sleep.  I also have a diffuser on my nightstand, with my old standbys Lavender and Serenity on it.

Of course, my days are not totally stress free.  No one's day is.  My focus gets derailed from time to time too.  But, unlike the past, I use my oils to keep my stress within a reasonable range, reminding myself that I'm a human being with needs, not a robot.  That's made all the difference.



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