Heh friend.  Just cause I'm a stay-at-home doTerra Wellness Advocate Mom, living on the beautiful island of Maui doesn't mean I can't relate to the stressors of the workaday world, which are especially magnified these days due to Covid-19.   Nope!  I lived in NYC from the ages of 25-35, working in law offices, on Wall Street, in publishing, advertising and as a hostess/waitress/hat check girl....all while I pursuing first my Master's in English Literature and second my Nursing degree.  Believe me, I knew what it was to have a stressed-out life and have to hustle to get paid!  If I had to go back in time, these are the oils I'd take back on that magic carpet ride.

First, Lordy, I remember ordering a coffee regular and riding the subway to work, trying my best to not fall asleep.  Sometimes my coffee with two sugars and cream worked.  Sometimes, it left a lot to be desired.  What I would have used then is peppermint.  Just a drop or two in the palm of my hands, rubbed together and inhaled for 5 secs or so, well let me tell you, that stuff could wake the dead!  Sure enough, before you know it, you are wide awake.  PS-For people who drive for a living, operate heavy machinery, any job where alertness is key, peppermint might just be your new best friend.  This is a must to take with you to work, to keep you alert while you do what you do.  

So, let's face it, going into the office in these trouble times, when people are getting laid off right and left, can be really nerve-wracking.  You want to stand out as confident, productive, a go-getter, right?  Well, it's good to have your Army of little brown bottles in your pocket.  Examples:  Got a big presentation and your nerves are getting the best of you?  Inhale Elevation for a boost to your confidence level and mood.  Afraid your nerves will cause you to get something wrong during the big pitch?  Pull out InTune to improve your memory and focus.  Gotta meet a client and you're worried about the onions you ate at lunch, pop a peppermint beadlet in your mouth to make the nasty smell disappear.  Worried about catching something from the messenger guy who just sneezed all over your desk?  Spray some OnGuard girl (!) and hit the elevator button with it and anything else you think he touched!   And, guess what?  OnGuard also helps to support your immune system at the same time!  

Now....the hours have passed.  You have that weird feeling of afternoon slump and emotional exhaustion from a day of deadlines and stressed-out co-workers.  But, there's still work to do and no company-approved nap time  lol.  Pull out these two powerhouses:  Balance & Bergamot.  These two babies will make you feel like you just had a lovely cup of tea in an English garden and feel both uplifted and relaxed, all at the same tie.  And, while you are at it, go ahead and have a cup of tea.  Tea is rich in polyphenols (fight inflammation and cancer), catechins (fights free radical damage) and other good things you just can't beat.  So pinky out and sip, sip.

So, your workday is coming to an end.  It's almost time to pack up your things.  You just want to let go of the tension in those shoulders and head home.  You don't want to be going over and over again in your head, the events of the day.  You want real restorative rest, right?  Before you gather up your briefcase, your backpack, your purse or whatever you carry your things in, pull out this little gem:  Past Tense.  Rubber it on your neck, your temples, your shoulders, wherever there is tension, breath in the aroma and just let go of all the tension you have taken in throughout the day.  Now, you are ready to hit the elevator button and leave.  By the time you reach the subway or your car, you will notice that wonderful feeling of relief coming over you, knowing that soon you will be home, where you can feel proud of all you accomplished today and enjoy quality times with family and friends....until tomorrow that is.  

Idea:  Put together these 8 oils in sample size bottles in a doTERRA keychain.  Don't leave home with out it!  Happy oiling!


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